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Admission to the lake is limited and by prior online booking only. Anyone turning up without an online booking will be turned away so please don’t complain.

BEFORE BOOKING please reading our diving with social distancing conditions. If there is anything that you do not agree with or that you are not happy to comply with DO NOT BOOK. There will be no compromise or exceptions.

If you have now or have recently had any symptoms of any illness DO NOT BOOK. Your temperature will be taken prior to entry. Anyone with an elevated temperature will be turned away without refund.

Upon arrival do not block the lane or the swimmer's reserved parking bays. Do not arrive too early. You will have a 15 minute window from the begining of your time slot to enter the site after which the gate will be closed. Arrive AND leave within your time slot. Late arrivals will be refused without refund.

You must sanitise your hands prior to and when leaving the site. To do this you must provide your own 60%+ alcohol sanitiser. Please note that the cheaper non alcohol sanitisers kill bacteria but not viruses so are of no use.

Face coverings when out of the water must be worn (mask and regulators cover this requirement when entering and leaving the water).

ALL signage must be complied with. There are quarantine areas - DO NOT ENTER   Any signage not complied with may result in being asked to leave. "I did not see it" or "I didn't have my glasses on" will not be accepted!

The toilets are available however the changing room is not. Please change and kit up at your car. The benches may only be used to assist with putting your kit on not for making up your kit.

The former picnic area is now designated for the swimmers only due to frequency of change over.

Buddy Checks - must be carried out with social distancing. Alternate regulators - if the mouthpiece is touched or breathed from it must be sanitised straight away. Consider maybe just using the purge.

COVID-19 does NOT change the lake policy on solo diving. Solo diving is strictly not allowed!

The following is good advice regardless of which agency you dive with - please read and follow.

COVID-19 8 Simple Steps

Help us to keep us all safe whilst enjoying our sport.

Thank You



  Start Date Course Type Places Available   Price    
19 Dec 2021 Diver Entry 9:00 to 16:30 West 10 £ 15.00

West 9:00 to 16:30
Sun 19 Dec 2021
09:00 AM
07 hours 30 minutes
Eight Acre Lake

9:00 to 16:30 West Side

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19 Dec 2021 Diver Entry 9:00 to16:30 North 10 £ 15.00

North 9:00 to 16:30
Sun 19 Dec 2021
09:00 AM
07 hours 30 minutes
Eight Acre Lake

9:00 to 16:30 North Side

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