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Take your PADI Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Course with Scuba Dream 

A dive mask is one of the first pieces of kit you will buy as a diver and this course takes your normal dive mask to a new level. A dive mask that rarely leaks or fogs up and you don't get any jaw ache due to holding a regulator in your mouth. This mask has the best range of vision available, a course that you will not regret taking!

The Fun Part

You get to use a Ocean Reef Full Face Mask and be able to dive with a warm, dry face - perfect for cold water diving here in the UK. You are able to breath naturally through your mouth and your nose. You also have a large field of vision which is advantageous in all diving conditions.

There is also the option of integrating an Ocean Reef Underwater Communication course, this can also be done seperatly, this allows natural communications with your buddies as you dive and to be able to point out a particular fish. 


What You Learn

Your PADI Ocean Reef Full Face Mask course is made up of knowledge development, 1 confined session and 2 open water dives:

  • During your confined session you will have a go at taking your mask off and putting it back on again and become familiar with your equipment
  • Throughout all dives you will practice emergency mask skills  
  • During your open water dives you will go over a skill curcuit and build confidence in using an Ocean Reef Integrated Mask, at this point you will also look at communications if you have chosen this option.


Scuba Gear Used

You will need all basic scuba gear, Scuba Dream will supply you with a Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Mask if you do not have your own, you will need a normal mask to use as a back-up mask. All other dive materials will be supplied by Scuba Dream, please contact us for more information. Eight Acre Lake also stock a range of Ocean Reef Integrated dive masks if you are interested in purchasing one. 


Your Next Adventure

If you have completed your PADI Ocean Reef Full Face Mask course then you may be interested in taking the Ocean Reef Underwater Communications course, or why not take advantage of the improved vision and sign up to a PADI Digital Underwater Photography Speciality.